Bridges for Hope – Gesharim LeTikva

Gesharim LeTikvah is a nonprofit Association/Amutah (from Amitim = friends) of people to people, founded in December 2012, to promote Bridges of Peace, Love and Understanding through thirty-six different Programs of Tikun Olam in six different fields.

  1. Between Jews in America/Europe and Jews in Israel (Peoplehood).
  2. Between Jews and Non-Jews.
  3. Between Jews who can help and Jews who need help.
  4. Between Jews and God’s knowledge.
  5. Between Jews and Jewish Learning Sources.
  6. Between Jews of different denominations.

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4 Responses to Bridges for Hope

  1. yishai says:

    This world needs lots more tikkun olam- let’s all give a hand and make this a better place for each other and for the future generations.

  2. Gordon S Raskin MD says:

    Excellent idea. Please keep me posted.

  3. Lou Lachter says:

    Good luck with your new venture. Lou

  4. Gil Nativ says:

    May you go from chayil to chayil!

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